The Power of Oxygen....Medical Ozone Benefits.

What typically comes to mind for many when thinking of ozone is air pollution. Ozone is used to measure the harmful chemicals trapped to determine air quality. What you may not know is pure, medical grade ozone has amazing healing properties!

Ozone is a blue gas made up of three oxygen atoms joined together. It is highly reactive and converts to oxygen and a superoxide anion when in contact with the air or the body’s cells. Within the body, ozone forms ozonides that penetrate our cells to modify reactions providing benefit.

Ozonides are biological modifiers and can help balance the immune system , normalize hormonal and enzyme function, detoxify chemicals, open vascular pathways, squelch free radicals and increase antioxidant enzyme systems.

Oxygen is our most critical nutrient and how you utilize it determines your state of wellness.

Many diseases are a result of complex multiple biological imbalances as well as the body’s inability to utilize oxygen within the cells. Poor use of oxygen will begin to affect mitochondria. Studies indicate improving mitochondria function can improve and, in some cases, reverse chronic diseases.

I am seeing significant benefits of Ozone therapies with chronic Lyme, PANS, Autoimmune Encephalopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Many children and adults suffer from antioxidant deficiencies, free radical stress, abnormal enzyme function, toxic burdens from heavy metals, chemicals and immune system activation and suppression. Bacteria, viruses and fungal infections compound an already broken system and seem to be the tipping point for most. Ozone in conjunction with other treatments can prove to be effective in restoring health and wellbeing.

Ozone therapy is very safe if administered by trained individuals. The process is simple taking less than an hour to complete. In our office, we primarily use Autohemotherapy as our administration route. This process involves taking a small amount of blood from the patient and under sterile conditions mixing with a specific amount of ozone gas calculated to treat a specific condition.  The blood is then given back to the patient over a slow IV infusion. These infusions work best weekly over the course of several months.

I currently hold a certification by the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and follow the Madrid Declaration, which is a global consensus of safe, practical administration of Ozone. I would highly recommend that any ozone you choose to receive is provided by a healthcare practitioner listed on the website.

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Be Well!

Somer DelSignore, PCCNP, BC-PNP


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