Beneficial Bacteria’s Roll in Health.

We’ve long studied beneficial bacteria in the human GI system and its long term effects upon health and wellbeing. This growing body of research continues to evolve! Recent research hypothesized that certain strains of probiotics can have a broad impact upon weight management, allergies, inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders and allergies. The common thread seems to be epithelial integrity, the health of the wall lining of the GI tract.

It appears as if the strain Bifidobacterium lactis ,B420, helps balance cytokine activity and protect the inner wall lining of the GI tract. It is thought that the metabolites of B420 also assisted with weight management by decreasing glucose intolerance. Outcomes were similar in both animal and in vitro research. Human trials were performed showing many of the same benefits. It seems as thought the test subjects receiving B420 alone without changes to diet or exercise activities reduced body fat mass by 4%. This number increased when dietary fiber was added.

Building upon these findings, researchers evaluated the gut microbiota and associated health benefits. It was found that consuming B420 resulted in alterations with beneficial bacteria typically found to be low in obese patients. Increased beneficial bacteria improved metabolic function and further improved the barrier function of the GI system.

Exciting news for anyone suffering GI symptoms associated with inflammation, leaky gut and or chronic infection!

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