Low Dose Immunotherapy for tick-borne diseases and chronic illness...

Many patients suffer from infections that can wreak havoc upon the immune system long term.  We know that many factors play into this scenario. The person's genetics, exposures to multiple insults albeit infectious, environmental or chemical are contributors as well as the state of the person's overall immune status and how inflammation is cleared may lead to infectious triggered immune mediated responses.

This holds true for Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses otherwise a simple course of antibiotics would prove curative right?

Developing a treatment plan for each patient should include immune and detox support. Otherwise patients who are chronic in nature typically have difficulties recovering.

There are many treatments in the arsenal of immune support but there are those subset of patients who do not respond to treatment despite your best efforts.

We are finding that utilizing an allergen and immunology platform known as LDA and LDI therapy many times brings relief to patients who would otherwise suffer.

What is LDA/LDI therapy?

LDA therapy was developed using the theory of EPD  or Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization therapy first developed by the allergist Leonard McEwen in the 1960's.

The concept was to desensitize a person using extremely low dose allergens coupled with the enzyme beta-glucuronidase that acts like a lymphokine that contributes to  an immunizing ability of the allergens introduced.

EPD was used for many years to treat severe allergens to foods, environmental and chemical sensitivities. Providers found that by treating these allergens an immune reset would occur. Many autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's Disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, ADHD, autism, IBS to name a few would also improve.

The American EPD Society conducted a large study with over 100 participating providers from 1993 thru 2001. Studies showed the EPD was reproducible in response to patients suffering from immune mediated ailments.

EPD was banned by the FDA and subsequently pulled from the market in 2001.  Dr. Schrader, who utilized EPD therapy, later in 2001 developed his own version of EPD and named it LDA (low dose allergen) therapy. He began to administer LDA in 2002 utilizing compounding pharmacies in the US.

It is postulated that the mechanism of action of LDA is two fold. It acts  to desensitize a patient from allergens much like receiving allergy shots or sublingual drops but using ultra low doses of the antigen. LDA uniquely contains an enzyme, Beta glucuronidase. Having the enzyme present provides immunogenic activity. Lymphocytes are activated that essentially turn off an allergic response. T-regulator cells are produced providing a resetting of the immune system. Contrasting with traditional escalating doses of immunotherapy where the allergy shots produce a blocking antibody to histamine release of the mast cells.

Using this framework of knowledge,  Dr. Vincent an LDA provider, developed a mixture without the use of beta glucuronidase and added antigen mixes that contained autologous substances, dead viruses, bacteria, yeasts etc.  Dr. Vincent began treating a host of infections including Lyme disease by a controlled provocation of the immune system.

If you've read any of my previous blog posts, I've described the immune system's attempt at eradicating tick borne illnesses as a blind assault. The T-cells can not see what they are fighting, the B cells are attempting to make antibodies only to have the antigen shift its shape and divert. In simplistic terms, LDI therapy is a way of triggering a T cell response and providing it with a description of what it should be looking to attack.

As a general rule, I do not believe in  a silver bullet treatment regimen. There are many moving parts that contributed to a person's immune dysfunction and should be dealt with accordingly. Many layers over time occur seemingly undetected until a person reaches that tipping point. The majority of the patients that I see, a tick bite was their tip over.

I am now offering LDI/LDA therapy in addition to my usual modalities of treatment in the office to existing and new patients. You may contact our patient coordinator via email at tscraggs@bockintegrative.com  for further information or to schedule your appointment!

Be Well!